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Are Genetic Mutations Making you Sick, and How to Fix Them

I was listening to this guy Gary Brecka the other day on the Joe Rogan podcast, and a lot of the stuff he was saying just started making so much sense to me. Gary is a human biologist who used to be in the business of predicting how long a person had to live. He did this for life insurance companies, and he is a top expert in the field. Gary woke up one day and decided that […]

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Can Neuropathy be Reversed without Drugs and Doctors?

I suffered neuropathy for more years than I care to remember. It got worse over time so that, in the end, I had to give up work.Doctors did their best but their understanding of the illness is limited.But everything worked out in the end. I got rid of my neuropathy 3 years ago. Every symptom has gone – I haven’t felt this good for years!. Better yet, it took just a couple of weeks to fully disappear.Now that […]

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What’s the Best Natural Blood Sugar Balancer?

Any time you eat carbohydrates – either a simple sugar or a carb-packed starch – your pancreas secretes insulin.One of insulin’s primary jobs – though not its only one – is to transport glucose from the food you eat into your cells to make energy.The more carbs you eat, the more insulin is secreted by your pancreas. This is more or less a constant process, given the huge, unnatural amounts of starch in the American diet.This overwhelms the […]