About Savage Health Systems

Hi, my name is Sam Heath and welcome to my website, Savage Health Systems. The purpose of this venture is to help myself and others to get the most out of this human experience. For me, that starts with optimizing human health and performance, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. What got me started on this journey is my mom Deborah died with cancer when I was 15. She was only 35. I say it like that: she died WITH cancer, not FROM cancer, because I believe it was the TREATMENT that sickened my mother to the point of death, not the so-called “disease.”

The mainstream medical establishment makes its profits mostly from prescribing drugs, surgeries, and other medical procedures in order to mitigate SYMPTOMS, not to help their patients to optimize their health and wellbeing. Their toxic drugs make people more and more ill from the “side effects,” and then they sell you more drugs to deal with the “side effects” of the first ones. They like to “practice” medicine, and if you let them, they will practice, and practice, and practice on you until they eventually kill you, but not before they make a boat load of money off you. Not to say that there aren’t some well-meaning people in that field, there are, but the system those few exceptional souls work under will not allow them to do their REAL healing work. Often, these rare shining souls end up quitting in frustration, and a few will go on to start their own natural healing practices. These are the ones we are interested in, and some of their natural healing nutritional formulas you will find featured on this website. I appreciate you visiting here, and I hope you find something that proves useful to you.

May You Be Blessed,

By: Boydston, Samuel-Heath