Are Genetic Mutations Making you Sick, and How to Fix Them

I was listening to this guy Gary Brecka the other day on the Joe Rogan podcast, and a lot of the stuff he was saying just started making so much sense to me. Gary is a human biologist who used to be in the business of predicting how long a person had to live. He did this for life insurance companies, and he is a top expert in the field. Gary woke up one day and decided that he was tired of knowing how much longer a person would live, and not being able to do anything about it. A key discovery that Gary talks about is that there are certain genes that if they get damaged, then the body cannot properly utilize certain nutrients, and this is one of the main factors contributing to a lot of the major diseases and health problems that a lot of people face.

One of the major gene mutations that Gary mentions is the MTHFR mutation,

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