Ready to Fire Your Boss?

I’m pretty sure “Quitversary” isn’t a real word but for my good friend John Thornhill, it’s definitely a real celebration!

That’s because 13 years ago he told his boss to “Take this job and SHOVE it!”

John used to have a very mundane, soul-sucking factory job working on the production line at the local Nissan car plant. Then, 13 years ago, he walked out of the factory to go it alone and run his own online business.

He’d had enough doing what most people thought was normal and he wanted out.

No longer would he be a human robot, getting told when to eat… when to sleep… when to go on vacation… even when to take a s**t. 


Was it scary? I’m sure it probably was. 

For the first time ever, John was on his own. He no longer had a job to rely on for income. And he had nobody around him to help motivate him. 

But John also had one thing most people don’t have… 


John now lives a life where he calls the shots. If he wants to take a day off he can because he is his own boss.

If you’re currently doing a job you hate then there is a way out, trust me. You can do this with the right help.

The internet has provided so many opportunities that anyone with a little bit of ambition and determination can do this. So don’t let anyone tell you that it can’t be done because John is living proof that it can.

Believe it or not, even though he’s had such spectacular results, John is an ordinary guy. He has no special qualifications or abilities.

He was just determined to change his life and he was willing to do what it takes to make it happen.

He’s also gone on to help many others achieve financial freedom by passing on his knowledge.

If you are still struggling to make it online he knows the ONE BIG THING that’s preventing you from becoming successful, and I’ve finally got him to reveal it to you!

We’re hosting a f.r.e.e training for our subscribers only and John’s gonna show you exactly how to fix your online business in under 5 minutes!

Register here:

This is brand new content that has never been revealed and I do hope you can join us. I promise you won’t regret it.

To your success,

Sam Heath

P.S. Make time for this. Get a baby sitter. Take off from work. Do whatever you have to do. 

Just make sure you attend this training:

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