BANNED!! Self Defense Training TOO REAL for Liberal Snowflakes

Social Media Conglomerate FACEBOOK (METAVERSE) has repeatedly banned The Self Defense Company from promoting its EMPTY HAND self defense program ONE SHOT FIGHT ENDERS from advertising on its platforms. 

The ONE SHOT FIGHT ENDERS program doesn’t use or depict use of weapons, or anything graphic at all.

It’s simply the quickest way to end ANY attack with one technique based on the methods developed over a century of modern warfare. You will discover:

– Incapacitate larger and stronger attackers instantly by shocking their central nervous system…

 – Knock your assailant out cold with the softest part of your hand.

 – Force Multiplier tricks that will amplify your power by a multiple of five!

 – Discover how to maximize your body’s natural weapons.

 – Learn how to PROPERLY attack the testicles (yes, the experts STILL teach this WRONG).

 – Destroy ANYTHING in your path with REELING ELBOWS.

They claim the content is “too violent” for FACEBOOK, Instagram and other platforms. Yet, there’s no ban on leftist violence or hate messaging.

According to Self Defense Company founder, Damian Ross – it’s “beyond frustrating.” 

“In light of what’s been happening in the world today, we thought now would be an appropriate time to make this information public and offer it to people who want to exercise the basic human right to defend themselves and their loved ones.” 

“It’s beyond frustrating – we don’t violate any terms of the Facebook [Metaverse] policy, yet time after time we get rejected by someone sitting in front of a computer somewhere who has been told that ALL VIOLENCE is BAD.

The reality is this – bad people do bad things and sometimes good people need to do bad things to bad people in order to survive and protect.”

Ross continues…“Violence may have never solved anything…but is sure STOPS a lot of things – like assault, rape and attempted murder.” 

“If someone is so brazen to literally GRAB YOUR FIREARM like what happened to Kyle Rittenhouse – what’s to stop them from attacking YOU, especially when you’re unarmed alone or with your family?”

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t see it that way and would rather REMOVE One Shot Fight Enders from its platform and put you at risk. 

“Look, the people who use our programs are LEO (police), military and people who have first hand experience with real violence.

The reality is that these good men and women always seek a peaceful solution first and foremost. Unfortunately there are people out there who are broken, and have learned to use violence to impose their will on others – this is a fact of human nature and it’s not going away…no matter how many wishes you make.

So we show you exactly how to end it…FAST.”

You be the judge – below is the video that was rejected:

The good news is, after this “social media ban” the word got out and now like minded people are getting the ONE SHOT FIGHT ENDERS program by the thousands and now you can too…

For a limited time, The Self Defense Company is offering ONE SHOT FIGHT ENDERS at an historically LOW price – over 60% off. 

Plus they’re going to include the AWARE COURSE, the FULL Self Defense Company Library and a whole host of other bonuses. 

The One Shot Fight Enders program is for people who refuse to lie down and don’t have the time or money to dedicate years or even months to traditional methods.

“We’ve been teaching these methods for over 20 years and it works for anyone regardless of their physical shape or athletic ability because we show you exactly how to set your attacker up and use these ONE SHOT SHOCK techniques to exploit their weaknesses and immobilize their nervous system.” 

Your right to defend and protect WILL NOT BE SILENCED – Your voices will be heard!!

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